Apple IIGS VGA Adapter

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The Apple IIGS VGA Adapter connects your IIGS to a VGA monitor that supports 15kHz.

It takes the composite sync signal from Pin 3 of the Apple IIGS RGB port and sends it to the appropriate pin on the VGA connector. No more jumpers needed on the motherboard!

It also includes a sync separator for monitors that require a vertical sync signal.

To learn more, read VGA Monitors for the Apple IIGS and see Apple IIGS VGA Adapter Video Test Results.


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* Note: For VGA monitors that do not support 15 kHz, you will still need a frequency upscaler, in addition to this adapter.

** Photos are of the original prototypes and may not represent the final product.

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3 reviews for Apple IIGS VGA Adapter

  1. Chris Morrison

    I picked up a Samsung syncmaster 710N and the VGA adapter works nicely. Besides being able to read the disk directories, etc, the color differentiation in games is very good. Like Mean18 Golf.

    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Mean 18
    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Carmen San Diego
    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Main Screen
    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Publish It
    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Hyperstack
    Apple IIGS VGA Adapter on Samsung 710N - Hyperstack

  2. Bill Boswell (verified owner)

    Hey guys at Manila Gear,

    Per your recommendation, I am using the adaptor with a Samsung 712N and it is working as advertised. This came just in time for me to fix up a ROM1 GS that I’m going to give to my son-in-law for Christmas.

    Thank you for all of your amazing efforts in producing these goodies for our beloved Apple ][ GS machines.

    I also LOVE THE 4Soniq Quad Stereo Card that you produced!

    I bought (2) of those from you and they work wonderfully! I am using them in 2 different machines; one for my WOZ and the other for the one I’m fixing up for my son-in-law. I haven’t tried the 8-channel capability, but the quad certainly will be a treat after listening to “mono” built in speaker. You guys continue to blow my mind with these superb upgrades for this 30 year old machine.

    God Bless,
    Bill from Pottstown, PA

  3. Steven Hirsch (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about a Samsung 712 being able to display 15.75Khz. HSync, but it turns out to work quite well! Color aliasing on the desktop background is a bit odd, but almost nothing besides a CRT display handles that correctly. For the price of the adapter and a $30 eBay monitor you get a great setup.

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