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The Manila Gear No Slot Clock lets your Apple II remember the date and time. It will work on an Apple ][, Apple ][+, Apple //e or Apple //c and features dual break-off battery holders so you can install it however you like.

You can order the NSC in one of three pre-configured versions, based on where you plan to use it:

  • Apple ][ or ][+ motherboard
  • Apple //e or //c motherboard, or slot card with a 28 pin EPROM (e.g. Microdrive)
  • Slot card with a 24 pin EPROM (e.g. Super Serial Card)

If you have a different configuration than what is listed, contact us first before placing your order.


  • Break-off battery holders. Requires 1 or 2 CR2032 batteries. *
  • Switchable configuration: Can be used on an Apple ][ or ][+, or an Apple //e or //c
  • Machine pin socket on the top for reliable connections to your EPROM
  • Regular IC socket on the bottom to preserve your motherboard or slot card IC socket (no more “socket stretch”!)

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 x No Slot Clock



  • NSC Utilities
  • ProDOS 2.4.1 NSC

Where To Buy

* CR2032 batteries not included
** The photos shown here are pictures of the prototypes and may not be representative of the final product.


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